FedEx Ground | A Day In The Life (How To Hook Up Doubles) A long time ago.... I filmed my very first YouTube video! Lol, these are not my finest moments, but we all start somewhere. We grow, and we learn. I know if I was to do this video over, I'd do a much better job of explaining everything. I also wouldn't forget to include so many details. I have by no means explained every detail that goes into how to hook up FedEx Ground doubles. However, I believe this is a pretty good overview to give you an idea of how it all works. Want to send me something? I strive to remain cruelty-free so please refrain from sending any animal-based or animal tested products. Thanks for understanding! PO Box 260, Kaysville, UT 84037 Happiness By The Mile: Facebook: Desktop IG: Mobile IG: @happiness_by_the_mile Website: Twitter: Shot and edited by: Black Kodiak Media Website: Facebook: Desktop IG: Mobile IG: @blackkodiakmedia *Disclaimer* I am an ambassador for Epidemic Sound, and the link listed below is my affiliate link. Click now to start your 30 day FREE trial :) Music: Epidemic Sound -