When it comes to being a commercial truck driver, you want to have access to all of the right resources over the road. One prime example of this is truck stops. You need to figure out where you’re going to be able to stop for fuel, food, and rest when you are states away from home. This is where truck stops like the Love’s Travel Stops offer more than just an oasis. You also have a welcoming and warmly lit retreat full of fuel for you and your truck. Have a list of your go-to truck stops and travel plazas that includes the latest location openings so you’ll always be in the know over the road.

Expanded Truck Stop Locations

semi truck parked at love's travel stop locationLove’s Travel Stops is expanding to two locations for truck drivers in the Southeast. These locations are in South Carolina and Georgia. If you are a Love’s My Love Rewards card-carrying member, then you’ll be thrilled to hear about these new facilities.
Love’s founder Tom Love said, “Love’s is pleased to bring two more convenient, clean and friendly locations to the Southeast. We’re proud to add parking spaces to areas where our customers need them, and both of these locations are conveniently located directly off the interstate.”

Calhoun, GA Love’s Travel Stop

The new truck stop at Love’s in Calhoun, Georgia features several amenities and services that OTR truck drivers truly can benefit from. To start with, you’ve got a Burger King and a Subway restaurant on the premises. In addition, there are 93 truck parking spaces, 63 car parking spaces, and 4 RV spaces. That way everyone has plenty of room for everyone who arrives at this Love’s for an over the road traveler’s resource.

The truck stop also has 9 diesel pumping bays. There is even a certified CAT scale to serve as your weigh station along with a Speedco tire and service center. To accommodate your health and wellness needs, the truck stop in Calhoun, Georgia features 7 truck driver showers and a laundry facility. If you have a four-legged driving partner, you can give them a little break in nature at Love’s dog park.

Elgin, SC Love’s Travel Stop

At the Elgin, South Carolina truck stop you have a little bit of a different setup. However, the services are equally as impressive and even more available in certain areas. For example, there is an Arby’s restaurant here, as well as 103 truck parking spaces, 88 car parking spaces, and 2 RV parking spaces. The Love’s Travel Stops also has 6 diesel bays and 8 truck driver showers, as well as laundry services and a Speedco. You have a dog park at this SC truck stop location, too.

Find More Truck Stop Information

To get more information on truck stops for your route planning as an OTR truck driver, check out our resources. Here at Trucker Classifieds, we specialize in all of the latest trucking news. From the newest truck stop openings to trucking companies that pay the biggest sign-on bonuses to date—we have everything you need. Discover what is available to you in the trucking industry as a commercial truck driver. Then you can make more with your skills and career goals as you apply to your next over the road truck driving job.

Source: Love’s – News