When you are leaving the military, or you have already left, you want to line something up for yourself with the services at Roehl Transport. This trucking company is based in Marshfield, WI and hires throughout the Southeast and Central Midwest regions. As a military vet, Roehl offers several beneficial resources. This includes help in getting started with the Military Skills Test Waiver. Discover what Roehl Transport can offer you as a military veteran truck driver today at Trucker Classifieds.

Services for Military Veteran Truck Drivers

roehl transport flatbed semi truckIf you are a military veteran truck driver at Roehl, the company has several programs and benefits that can help you get moving with your career. In addition, you can earn more money starting out and over the long haul thanks to the right moves in the onset. Get help in receiving your Class A CDL by applying for the Military Skills Test Waiver. This is eligible to truck drivers who are classified as certified driver types while in the military.

These are 88M Motor Transport Operator aka truck driver, as well as MOS 3531 and AFSC 2T131. All of these are motor vehicle operator types and if you’ve worked in these occupations in the military for a set time frame, then you are eligible to apply for this waiver. It saves you time on getting your Class A CDL and your first trucking job.

Even if you don’t have military driving experience but are a veteran, you can receive truck driver training at Roehl. The training is for four weeks and is paid. The company has several locations throughout the US offering this training conveniently local to you. Roehl Transport also has an Apprenticeship Program. In this driver finishing program, you receive five phases of training stretched over the course of two years. This way you are able to progress with your career in a beneficial time frame with assistance and training from your employer. What an excellent opportunity for our military veterans.

Additional Vet Benefits

Another way that Roehl benefits veterans working on their trucking career is with free practice CDL tests. These tests are available right now online for anyone to use. This is great news if you just want to test the waters, so to speak, in the trucking industry. See what kind of questions are going to be asked on the CDL exam in your state. That way you can begin your preparation without spending anything more than your free time.

Working at Roehl Transport

As a truck driver interested in driving for Roehl Transport, we have the resources that you need. At Trucker Classifieds, you are eligible to apply to trucking jobs today. Start working with a company that really values your mileage and gives you the benefits you deserve. If you are a military veteran, then you can put your highly valuable experience to great use here in country. Get going on a new path with a civilian career in the trucking industry with Trucker Classifieds at your side.

Source: Roehl – Blog